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Our fish, kebab and burger takeaway menu Sailors Fish Bar’s menu is not restricted to certain dishes. You will find all the dishes including vegetarian and non-vegetarian. While preparing the menu, we have made it sure that all the people will have an option in our restaurant. It is not possible to write down all the dishes, but yes, we will try to uncover some of your favourite dishes. In our restaurant, you will find side orders, sausages, dips, kid’s meal, desserts, drinks, meal deals, kebabs, combination of kebabs, burger, chicken, fish and chips, pies and pastries, and fish cake. In all the above categories, the options will be unlimited. For example, in the fish, you will get haddock, rock, cod, chips, and much more. In the pastries, you will have steak and kidney pie, beef pattie, lamb pattie, chicken and mushroom pie, and some other dishes. Likewise, you will find different offers in the burgers, kebabs, kid’s meal, chicken, drinks, curry, and desserts. All these foods are prepared by the trained and experienced chefs. All of our staffs are friendly and they take utmost care to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our food and service. In addition, all the foods are prepared with high-quality ingredients and in a hygienic environment.

About Sailors Fish Bar menu

Sailors Fish Bar is a family restaurant. We have entered into this industry with the objective of offering the best quality foods at an affordable price. All of our staffs are sincere and dedicated. As it is a family restaurant, you will find dishes for all the family members. You can also plan a surprise party for your family with our dishes. We have vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, desserts, and drinks. We are available online.

You can reach us anytime at the comfort of your home. You just need to visit our site and select the dishes. The whole process will take a few minutes. Once you place the order, it will be our responsibility to deliver the order in the given time. Our delivery staffs are particular about the timing. Hence, you will not have to wait more than the given time. The process will be hassle-free as well. You can also visit us for the takeaway service. You will get the order in the minimal time. 

Sailors Fish Bar restaurant

Find us in London Would you like to visit our restaurant? Do you find our foods exciting and delicious? Visit our site. You will be impressed with the result. Yes, you can also visit our restaurant for the takeaway. We are located nearby. You can find us in 118 Cheltenham Road London SE15 3AR. We have received much appreciation for the foods and the friendly approach. We can assure you that you will get high-quality foods in our restaurant at an affordable price. We will appreciate your visit and will welcome your feedback. Your feedback will help us to improve our service and to satisfy you more.